Sammo :)

me encanta totalmente….

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so handsome… 

so handsome… 

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You’re the cutest thing on earth

I’m just an actor. Interestingly, there’s no such thing as an ‘actor’ in Guinea. It simply doesn’t register as an occupation. I heard tell of the ‘griot’: the term used in West Africa to describe the storyteller, the poet, the bard. But at the schools I visited when I asked children what they wanted to be when they grew up the answers were “teacher”, “minister of education”, “plumber”, “electrician”, “carpenter”, “teacher”, “teacher” and “teacher”. Many even said they wanted to work for UNICEF.

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Favorito cardigan Appreciation Mensaje de Tom

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me encanta este hombre 

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Happy Birthday to Tom Hiddleston!  

I Love. 

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Happy birthday, Tom Hiddleston! [Feb 9th]

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